Californian Breed Standard

Promoted to Full Standard, 1st January 2024

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Standard of points

Update January 2024
Head, Eyes & Ears Head to be of good size, bold and broad, with a gently curving profile. 10
Muzzle to be of good width and rounded at the nostrils.
Eyes to be large, bright and bold and set with good width between.
Ears to be large and drooping, parallel to the ground and set with good width between.
Body Shape To have short, cobby body of good width, with deep, broad shoulders. 10
To be fit and of good substance, with plenty of firm flesh.
To have good size appropriate to age.
Markings (Points) of which To consist of even, sharply defined dark points on face, ears and feet with clear demarcation from the body colour. 50
Smut To be prominent, pear-shaped, and carried well up between, but not over, the eyes. (25)
To be sharply defined and even, and intensely coloured black or rich milk chocolate.
Ears To be intensely coloured black or rich milk chocolate, dense to the base (5)
Feet To be even and intensely coloured black or rich milk chocolate; sharply defined, with colour carried well up the legs to just beyond the hock joint, also covering the nails and pads. (20)
Colour (of body) To correspond to ESCC Red, DE Golden, Buff, DE Cream or DE White, with similar eye colour. As free from body pigment (stain) as possible. 25
Coat To be soft and silky, clean and groomed free of guard hairs. 5

Description of Colours

Californians may be exhibited in the following colours:

ESCC Red, DE Golden, Buff, DE Cream or DE White (with corresponding eye colour), and with either Black (black) or Chocolate (rich milk chocolate) points.

NB: Pink eyed Californians do not have a Full Standard.

Guidance notes

The Californian is a smooth, short-coated cavy with smut, ears and feet of one colour and body of a different colour, the pattern of markings being similar to those of the Himalayan cavy.

Because of its genetic basis it is likely that well-marked youngsters will become over-marked adults, whilst under-marked youngsters may develop into good adults.

In common with Himalayans, colour density of the smut and feet varies with temperature, being more intense in colder seasons.

This is a marked pattern cavy and, as specified in the weighting of the breed points, preference should be given to markings over type.

A small area of black or chocolate hairs situated above the ears should not be penalised.

N.B. There is a tendency to form body pigment in very cold weather. The tendency is reversed in very hot weather, when points, particularly smut and feet, may fade in intensity.

Specific disqualifications

Specific faults

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